Driving El Cheapo

After much ado over long distance bus options, we concluded that our schedule and our list of must-see places wouldn’t work without wheels of our own. Meet El Cheapo, our trusty car for the week. We were hoping to fit in and not look like we were in a rental, so imagine how ecstatic we were to see El Cheapo’s name printed in bright colors across both sides of the car. Not only are we screaming out that we’re tourists, but cheap ones as well. Lucky us.

Equipped with a tent and a bag of relatively shelf stable groceries, we’ve set off on an unplanned adventure down the coast highway. So far we’ve managed to figure out how to drive on the other side of the road, with the steering wheel in the passenger seat, without too many scary moments. El Cheapo has been a good teacher… Or just brought us some good luck. Either way, we are happy for the freedom of the open road after so many months on buses.

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