The City of Sails

Fiji was incredible, but after two weeks we were surprised to find ourselves ready to leave. I suppose we don’t have the characteristics necessary to become full time islanders. New Zealand, however, may be our best fit yet.

Impeccably clean pedestrian friendly streets, crisp produce-forward markets, green pastures, bike commuters, and good wine: we feel completely at home in Auckland. Branded by many backpackers as a city with ‘not much to do’, we are pleasantly surprised at how perfect our lives feel here. Each day we wake up and go walking, explore another park or neighborhood, have coffee at one of the many independent and creatively designed coffee houses, and then visit the market to see what’s fresh. We drink chilled Sauvignon Blanc, eat artisan cheese from local producers, and buy Green Lip Mussels by the kilo. It pretty much feels like Portland, but with a New Zealand twist. Life is good here. Auckland is a very livable city. It feels like home.

We’ve taken the liberty of letting our days unfold slowly- a level of freedom we never enjoyed as regular tourists. Time is in our favor on this trip, we’ve chosen to take things leisurely as opposed to rushing through to see as much as possible. So far Auckland feels like the perfect place to do this, and we are enjoying every moment.


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