Losing time

Fiji is filled with people who came here on vacation and then somehow forgot they ever lived anywhere else. Mixed with a population of natives who are perhaps the kindest people I have ever had the privilege of meeting, it makes for a good atmosphere to say the least. I have moved in – melted into this culture so naturally- wishing it wasn’t just for a few weeks.

This place will suck you in and take away your worries without any warning whatsoever. Islands here are like diamond-fringed alleyways, and people are so warm and welcoming that you realize how calloused your own world has made you. I will always hope to return to Fiji. Part of me will always be here.

We woke up this morning to realize that we’d somehow lost track of our days. Apparently we were supposed to check out today. The Beach House has been that type of experience, and we couldn’t let go of this place just yet… So we postponed our next stop to spend another night here. For those who know me- this is likely hard to believe. I am terribly addicted to a schedule and covet my planner obsessively. How I lost track of the days is beyond my understanding and far beyond my nature. Fiji will do this to you. Life is captivating here.

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