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Thanks to a generous gift from some friends back at home, we’re living the good life for our first three nights here in Fiji. After five weeks of lumpy foam mattresses and bunk beds, we find ourselves in the ultimate lap of luxury- which we’ve adjusted quite well to.

Checking in at our resort on Denarau Island, we were told our room would not be ready for a few hours. Used to waiting in uncomfortable airport terminals or wandering unfamiliar streets for hours with our backpacks on, we were both trying to come up with an action plan for this particular waiting period. But fear not- when you live the good life the good life takes care of you: we were guided to a courtesy suite (essentially a large two bedroom apartment). Complete with beverages, hot water showers, a sunny patio and cable television. It was bliss. I think the bellboy was a bit surprised at our level of gratitude.

Here at Denarau, we’ve been spoiled with a full sized one bedroom apartment, a huge pool with a swim up bar, and beachfront access. It is a perfect vacation spot and we both see why Fiji has such a great reputation for escaping everyday life. Even better, the cost for items at the resort are not inflated to the same level as we’ve seen in other vacation spots like Mexico or Hawaii. Costs are reasonable here, and the service and grounds are impeccable.

We have spent most of our time swimming in the ocean, and lounging poolside. But we’re also keeping in mind that this vacation will end for us shortly, and so we’re squeezing in any activities we know won’t be possible for us after we’ve left the resort. We took a free sea kayaking trip offered by the staff, and were surprised to be the only two guests in attendance. Our private guide took us out of a coral reef where were watched sea turtles swim and turquoise blue fish jump from the reefs. The free activities offered at the resort are incredible- why is no one else attending them?

From what we can tell, Fiji is an island oasis that is still affordable. It gets expensive the minute you sign up for the many tour activities- rafting, glass bottom boats, island excursions.. And the marketing people are everywhere. But we’ve avoided temptation for the next shiny brochure and have had a great time utilizing the free options available. It may take some research and effort, but Fiji is full of opportunity for budget travel, and so far it appears that we’re the only ones taking advantage.

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