Brazilian Beach Dogs

Since being here in Brazil, We´ve been introduced to many different styles of dogs. City dogs, farm dogs, stray/nobody dogs, and beach dogs. Beach dogs tend to be our favorite style of dog here. They don´t require a walk down the the sidewalk and a poop-scoop like a city dog. They don´t need to be told not to chase the horses or eat the chickens like a farm dog. And they don´t need to be either kicked or avoided like a stray/nobody dog. Beach dogs just want to jump in the water when you do, and maybe even surf when you do.

The first beach dog we met was in Buzios, Rio De Janeiro and he could stand up on a board better than many first time human surfers we´ve witnessed. Pancho got all four legs up on the board like he was teaching his three instructors how to ride it. But, our next beach dog friend was the king of all Brazilian beach dogs.

His name was Cheecho and not only could he surf, he was an expert free diver and everybody in his home town of Barra Grande, Bahia knew him. When we would pass people on the street, they would say “bom dia” to us and “hi Cheecho” to him and follow up with a few sentence conversation. At the end of the day, like everyone else, Cheecho enjoyed a fresh water, outdoor shower.

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