So long, Brazil!

After 5 weeks in Brazil, we had to think long and hard about the best way to spend our final day here. What has been the most influential part of this trip, the one thing we needed to experience more before departing? The answer was simple. We drank juice.

I am forever changed by the dedication this society has to fruit juice. It’s everywhere, and for good reason. The fruit here is delicious- and practically every street corner has a juice bar where they will whip up a slough of different, exotic juices for an unbelievably low price. We realized that our final day needed to focus on re-experiencing our favorites, since many of these juices are not ones we’ll ever see at home. We started out the morning with Acai as we walked down to the beach. A few hours later we bought Caju juice (yes, from the fruit that grows attached to cashews) from a beach vendor. A late afternoon snack included Graviola juice and we rounded things off with guava and passionfruit. Don’t be concerned- you would do the same if in our shoes. Saying goodbye to the juice bars is going to be hard, and we couldn’t leave without overdoing it a bit.


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