Sleepy in Rio

Hostels make me feel old sometimes. Especially in a party city like Rio, especially when it’s only a few weeks from carnival. Try as I might, I can’t stay up late. My night out is a drink at the hostel bar- the equivalent of a pre-party for the majority of my dorm mates. There at the bar, I watch them take shots of cachaca- sometimes from the bottle- while I try to remember whether I took my multivitamin today or not. I go to sleep when they leave for the clubs, and I hear them come in about an hour before I get up for breakfast. This happens all the time. I’m not jealous of their nightlife- I relish in the quiet for a few hours each night, perfectly happy to have some time with a book… This is precisely what makes me feel old.

Do not underestimate the party which erupts through Rio every night. People come here to lose themselves in late night clubs- many of which offer all you can drink packages for a minuscule entry fee. If we were more into clubbing, our Rio experience would be entirely different than it has been (and we hear the clubs are fantastic, we just aren’t that interested). Luckily, there is plenty this city offers to those less attracted to the prospect of a hangover. In fact, we have enjoyed Rio so much that we canceled our last stop in Parati to stay here longer. Rio is magnificent, no question about it. There is a reason it draws the numbers of tourists that it gets each year. We certainly can’t wait to come back one day.


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