The Last Day of Summer

We awoke this morning to two surprises: a time change, and a guy passed out on the floor in front of the door to our dorm room.  Today marked the first official day of fall, and we can only imagine there was quite a party to see the final day of summer out well.  I’ve decided this hostel is a hideaway for nocturnal humans, we seem to be some of the few here who actually sleep during the night. 

On the other hand the heat was searing today, and gave no indication of an end to summer.  We spent the day roasting on Copacabana beach, drinking iced matte tea and eating food from the many beach vendors weaving through the umbrellas and towels scattered on the sand.  Sunday is by far the best people watching day at the beach.  The southbound stretch of Avenida Atlantica is closed to cars and open to bicyclers, pedestrians, rollerbladers and groups practicing for Carnival.  The beach is alive with samba music and at times it feels like the entire neighborhood has shut off the city in favor of sand and surf.  

At sunset we walked over to Ipanema to watch the sunset with several hundred others who had the same idea.  A similar scene was in action there: vendors selling meat-stuffed Empadas (fantastic little baked pies that are about the size of your palm), haloumi cheese grilled over a small bucket of coals, and skewers of shrimp with lime juice.  Music emanated from every alley and women trying on outfits for Carnival shined in the setting sun. We climbed up on the rocks jetting out over the ocean and awaited the show.  Photos attached for your viewing pleasure.  Ipanema at it’s best.  A beautiful tribute to all the great aspects of this fine city.


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