Back to the City

Rio is a shock to the system after spending the good part of a month in small beach towns and fishing villages.  Skyscrapers so tall they block the sun, people dressed up to the nines, the shuffle of busy streets and car horns… It took us a bit to adjust back into city life.  We arrived here during mid day and hopped on a bus to Copacabana.  The bus ride offered us a great introductory tour of the city, passing through the central district prior to reaching the long beach lined stretch of Avenida Atlantica.  For the first time on this trip, we would reach our hostel with no wrong turns and without stopping for directions.  We would arrive within the same hour we planned on arriving in, feeling safe and accomplished.  Sweet start to Rio.  

Our home for the week is a big red stucco house long converted into a backpacker dorm. We are walking distance from both Ipanema and Copacabana, and nestled into a tree lined neighborhood with a subway stop and two grocery stores really close by.  We are sharing a bunk room with 7 other people from Argentina, London, Australia, Israel, Scotland, Brazil, and Slovakia, who have quickly become our friends.  Together we have been experiencing the city through shared lenses- only making our time her even more special and rare.  A long stint along tiny fishing villages is great to relax the mind, but returning to city life has been good for the soul.  


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