Cacao the super food

Chocolate grows from a tree. It’s not just a bean we see described on the labels of fancy chocolate bars. Those beans grow inside a big beautiful fruit, and like all fruits the brilliant brazilians juice it and drink it. Cacao juice, the finest thing we’d never tried.

Orange and yellow, star shaped and hard like a winter squash, we had walked by this fruit at the stands many times without knowing what it was. Sweet, reminiscent of vanilla and creme with a citrusy- tropical scent to it, the cacao fruit is entirely different from the bean refined for chocolate. Entirely different. Completely drinkable, and refreshing… Yes, refreshing.

As luck should have, we tried this drink during our final night in Bahia. We had been told this was perhaps one of the only places to try cacao juice, and were elated to stumble across it. Heavy and dense, a hollow cavity containing the large beans, the juice is not easy to extract. One gets a new sense of respect for the work that goes into this beloved delicacy. Chocolate is good, but Cacao the juice is sublime.


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