Getaway to Itaparia

Known as a weekend getaway for wealthy Salvador residents, Itaparia island is quiet and comfortable on a summer weekday. We needed a break from the city, and the 35 minute ferry ride was an easy answer. We left around mid morning, spent the day enjoying the beach and were back at the hostel late in the afternoon. A perfect break from the busy urban lifestyle- every city should have an island retreat like this.

While the beach itself is not pristine as others in Brazil, it’s the location that is the big draw. Taking in views of the city while floating in the (very) warm water, we couldn’t help but appreciate Salvador for it’s uniqueness. We enjoyed a feast of fish stewed in coconut milk, rice, manioca, and hot pepper sauce, while sitting at a table on the beach. With nothing more to do for the day, we let the hours roll by and enjoyed the feel of life on the island: Groups of old ladies conversed together, floating on foam noodles…all of them sporting large white sun hats. A man and horse enjoyed a leisurely afternoon beach walk… Boys hammered sticks into the sand for makeshift soccer goal posts… And we sipped water from large coconuts and took it all in- this strangely consuming island in the shadows of the concrete city dominating so close by.

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