Salvador Dances

Celebrate life, the good and bad. On Tuesday nights in the Pelourinho, it’s all a party- rich, poor, young, old, locals and tourists- for one night, all seem to convene around a shared sense of understanding life’s hardships and finding the simple elegance of laughter in between. Here, there is music, dancing, and food everywhere you look. It’s in the streets, in doorways, and on rooftops… The neighborhood explodes with a sense of awakening and rejuvenation, and our hostel was located right in the middle of it all. The music emanated through the walls and seemed to ease the sense of discomfort from our earlier experience.

We walked the streets of the Pelourinho into the night, eating street food, drinking caipirinas made with cashew fruit, and watching the celebration around us. Live music in Sao Francisco Church square, groups of kids practicing capoeira on side streets, tourists learning dance moves from drum circles of church groups... Without knowing it, we had arrived on the busiest night of the week for this neighborhood, the town was lit up and alive way into the evening and likely into the early morning.

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