Dorm rooms and travel dreams

the view from our dorm room

Salvador is our first unhosted stop on our journey, and thus our first experience staying in the dorm room of a hostel. We were lucky to have booked a great place that we both feel really comfortable at. It is a great start to what will certainly be a year of dorm rooms and shared facilities. We’ve met a handful of travelers from all over the world and shared stories and travel tips together. The immediate, close connection you feel to other people traveling in similar fashion is something I’d heard about, but didn’t understand until now. Everyone we have met shares a similar dream of wanting to understand the world and it’s many cultures. Many have sacrificed creature comforts at home in order to make their dreams of travel real. It’s nice to be living in the comfort of so many with similar goals and interests.

Dave takes some down time in the hostel's hammock

The hostel itself is an oasis of comfort packed into one of the small historic streets of the Pelourinho- complete with a small pool, a fantastic breakfast (I look forward to it all day and night), and two resident dogs who keep the place well loved and well protected. We have spent a lot of time here- enjoying walks around the district, coming back here to relax, then heading back out for an evening stroll and some food. For a place nestled in a big city, they do a fantastic job of creating a calm environment.

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