Back to work

. . .Well, sort of. As we wind up our time here on the peninsula, we’ve been busy making travel plans and helping our hosts as much as possible. The last few days have been spent working on the farm- paying our keep for the previous week. It’s been such a treat to be experiencing life here as opposed to being in a tourist area. You simply see so much more when living with people than when staying at a guesthouse– especially when so close to a tourist area. We’ve learned so much more about the culture, and about everyday life here. For both of us, the experience has been exactly what we wanted when we started planning this trip. We can only hope that our future travels offer similar experiences that are as rich as this has been.

Do not be surprised that my career as a project manager is all but useless out here. Luckily, the man at my side is a mechanical genius capable of fixing just about anything. His popularity on the farm has kept us well fed and extremely well taken care of. Simply put, without him I might be homeless at this point. My skills are barely recognized and bordering on humorous. On the other hand, Dave can manage to make a working lawn mower out of two old broken machines and a pair of rusted pliers. It is enough to impress even the toughest of judges. I’ve managed to look busy by assisting him when possible- holding a part in place while he bolts two parts together, fetching water, finding tools and nails… but really it’s a bit embarrassing how useless I am. Perhaps at some point we’ll find a host requiring computer skills, some mathmatic equations solved, a geology textbook explained, a chocolate souffle made?? Perhaps at some point. Don’t hold your breath.


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