Praia de Cabo Frio

Another day, another beach. The summer heat is nearly impossible without the care of the ocean water, and any day wouldn’t seem quite right without it. Bring on the beach at Cabo Frio- a bigger city on the edge of pure white sand. With it comes bigger crowds, more beach vendors and a bit less charm. But the water is cool and there is just as much entertainment to make an afternoon go by all too fast.

We had a great day here, walking the beach and trying many of the vendor’s goods. Carts selling frozen Acai with all kinds of toppings, stands selling boiled corn with fresh cheese, folding tables set up along the shore to serve caipirinhas… Just wandering the shoreline is education in itself. Much like in Buzios, the beach is packed tight with people everywhere and the ocean is scattered with swimmers, surfers and snorkelers lined up right next to each other.

The swimwear. Oh… the swimwear. Both of us are the most conservative people on the beach- we might as well be wearing choir robes in comparison to the local beach fashions. The bikinis are even smaller than I imagined, and all ages and sizes of people sport them as if they’re wearing jeans. After awhile– it feels, well, normal. These tiny things bring on less attention than we’re getting in our suits (which we’ve been told were worn circa 1962 here in Brazil). Perhaps the next time we’re here I will gain the confidence, but for now my bikini– however old fashioned– will remain the one I wear.


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