Beach life in Buzios

* Note- we will add the photos into this post later. Internet is slow here, and some days are worse than others for uploading photography.

Buzios. The tourist hot spot of the peninsula. The reason everyone should make the trek up here from Rio de Janeiro. Think of the best little beach towns in California- only better. Small hidden gems with rock faces plunging into the ocean, large vast white sand pathways packed with families and live music, surfing, kite boarding, windsurfing. Seaside bars, clear water, rafts for rent and plastic bubbles that allow one to experience the much sought after hamster-wheel-on-water- effect (we were confused too). Yes, Buzios has it all.

We were pretty shocked at the traffic we experienced getting into town. Turns out, this weekend turned out to be a holiday for the people in Rio. Apparently this area is quite the holiday destination, and the beaches were a buzz with traffic. Families in small beach buggies, large tour buses, and packed guest house ‘Pousadas’ made for great people watching everywhere we went. While a spot on the beach was a squeeze, it doesn’t seem to be a bother to people and everyone makes room as much as possible.

The small downtown area of Buzios is packed with shops and restaurants, and surrounds the pier. It is lively and charming- and surprisingly upscale considering the simplicity of life immediately outside of this section of town. This is also the area where cruise ships stop and the added tourist draw is very obvious. While fun to walk around, we preferred the small winding streets leading to the smaller beaches and spent a day discovering what we could. We considered taking a snorkeling trip until realizing that the boat took us to the very beaches we had already found- the same beaches we had already snorkeled at. Proud of ourselves for figuring the place out so fast, we spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the sunshine, swimming in the ocean, and relaxing seaside. It felt like vacation- one we shared with thousands of others on this three day holiday.

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