Dave´s Wicked Stomach

Dave eats an oyster on the beach at Cabo Frio

I love the street stalls and the beach vendors, but when it comes to trying the risky things I´ve become terribly nervous and backed down.  Dave, on the otherhand seems to have a braver way of confronting the food in small town Brazil.  I´ve watch him devour fresh oysters from a man selling them on the sidewalk-  lightly cleaned but not on ice, I couldn´t bear to watch him.  I was sure he´d get sick.  Luckily, I was wrong.  His stomach prevailed. 

Later, just to prove to me that he could, he purchased a tuna sandwich from a woman on the beach.  It´s 100 degrees here.  The sandwiches, like the oysters, had nothing to keep them cold and the street vendors walk the beach for hours on end.  Yet again, he was fine.  Amazingly.

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