Small Town Peninsula Dos Buzios


A view from the street in Buzios

I find myself shocked about the simplicity of Brazil’s small towns, and unsure how to truly describe the area we are living in.  All of the houses are beautiful spanish style homes and the feel is very inviting.  I find myself wanting to take photos of everything and Dave has to stop me from looking too much like a tourist.  Most all of the roads directed through the neighborhoods are unpaved   The ranch we’re staying at is located in a small town between Cabo Frio (a larger city) and Buzios (a smaller beach town popular with tourists).  I’ve been told the name of the town a few times now and still cannot figure out how to spell it, nor can I find it on a map. 

The view from our room

It is small, rural, and lush with large fruit trees like mango, banana, cashew and avocado.  There are large cow and horse pastures and hills along the horizon.  The land around is a countryside, but we are only about 4 miles from the busy beach towns. One would think you are miles from any other people until noticing the concrete-painted bus stop along the dirt road outside the front gate.

Our Bus Stop

  It is refreshing to know that places like this exist, and I can picture how at one time many towns in the states once had similar features.  It could be california many generations ago– it certainly feels like it. 

The town closest to our house

The town is currently starting construction on the first wastewater system for this area, which people are quite excited about.  However, things do not seem unclean here and I can’t tell how wastewater has been disposed of previously.  Most homes have large tubs on the roof to collect rainwater, and the more affluent homes have well water.  It is a simpler way of living,  and from what we can see everyone has all thier basic needs met.

A horse at work

It’s not abnormal to see people traveling by horse down major thoroughfares, or to have to slow down to pass a cow sleeping in the road.  There are stray dogs all over the place, some who appear to have become friends with the cows and lay comfortably near them in the sunshine.  There are large houses sitting next to small shacks, and the contrast is shocking at times.  Bars and restaurants can be as simple as a table set up on the side of the road, or a small open air room carved out of a wall.  Things are simplistic and logical here- and understanding this way of life makes me wonder why everyone doesn´t live this way.  It´s relaxed, it´s real, and no one seems to want it any other way.

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