Summer in Brazil

This will be a quick post since internet is a bit challenging at the property we are staying in. We’ll follow up with photos once we find an internet cafe.

The flight from North Carolina to Rio de Janeiro was not nearly as bad as I had planned. We were lucky enough to score seats with a bulkhead in front of us and I was able to put my feet up (a benefit of being so short!). Dave was not as happy with the wall in front of him, but I was sleeping too well to notice.

We were picked up at the airport by our friend who wisked us immediately out of Rio, on a 2 hour drive up to Cabo Frio. After being stalled on the freeway for an hour due to a broken fuel filter we found ourselves surrounded by palm trees, bull frogs, and fresh open air- in the farmland that lies on near Buzios. I won’t go into detail about the heat as this can be imagined on it’s own… but the site of Dave changing into shorts on the side of a major freeway is one I won’t forget. Futhermore, one immediately realizes the dramatic difference in cultures when the broken down car is fixed roadside by a mechanic in board shorts (who drives you to the store to purchase the new part)- for the bargain price of about $50. No receipt exchanged, no towing required… simplicity at it’s finest. Considering the mechanical delay, we were still able squeeze in an afternoon swim at a small hidden bay before enjoying black beans and rice at a small stand in town. Our first day in Brazil can be summed up by one statement: ‘Why complicate things?’. It is summer, the ocean breeze is in the air, and at this little beach town- keeping things simple appears to be the way of life.

More to come…

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