Off to see the world

From snow two weeks ago in Seattle to 70 and sunny in Encinitas. What a pleasant change. Our final week in the US for about a year and we already feel like we are on vacation. That’s not to say that this week hasn’t involved any work- we are still trying to pull a bunch of loose ends together: calling banks and credit card companies, picking up last minute items, figuring out mail delivery, taxes, packing and repacking… But this time, we’re multiple tasking by establishing a base tan ;)

We are lucky to have the comfort of our family’s place to spread out everything in our packs- making the final decisions about what to take and what to leave… What we need to buy here and what we can get elsewhere…what to store here and what to just get rid of. It’s good to know that this is the final iteration of this process, because it’s getting a bit old. A backpacker I’ve been in touch with over the last few months warned me about how laborious this process can get.

I am happy we took this last month to hop down the west coast. It’s really provided a lot of insight into what we need and what we don’t need, and it gave us time to make adjustments. I think we’re just about ready to leave now, and that feels really, really good to say.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out to us, written to us, and offered support and well wishes- it means so much to us as we set off on this adventure. We are truly rich with friends and loved ones in our lives, and I don’t know if we necessarily understood how precious this was until the last few months of craziness struck. To everyone who has supported us through this insane stretch of existence: thank you. We love you all and cannot wait to report back as we live out this crazy dream of ours.

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