This is it!

This is it!How many days have we spent dreaming of the moment we could say that?! After a rush of leaving jobs, last minute packing and the final round of travel shots, we are ready to set off on the world trail. I can’t say I have much comprehension of where the last month went– my advice to anyone planning a trip like this: pretend you’re leaving a month before you actually are.

We are done with work. Our bags are packed, the holidays are (almost) behind us, and we are officially set to fly out of the Pacific Northwest tomorrow.  This is actually it!  This is a surreal accomplThis is it!ishment to say the least, and we still feel as if we’re rushing to complete every last minute task.  The fact that we are hopping down the west coast for the next few weeks is a relief for us.  We’re still not quite done with the astronomical To Do list that was scratched into a notebook in early December. A few more weeks in the US is exactly what we need to finish off all the outstanding items, and the chance to visit some good friends and family along the way is part of the beauty of our new found schedule. Nevertheless, we are now officially living as backpackers.  Two and half years of planning has finally lead us here, and we couldn’t be more excited to take on the adventure that 2011 will bring.

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