Travel-Sized Living

6 months after moving out of our home and into a friend’s spare bedroom, we’re back to packing and moving again.  Luckily we got rid of most of our stuff last spring. The hard part is that what we’re left with now is all the stuff we really want to keep.  But our backpacks are only so big.. which is not very big at all.  We’re now getting rid of stuff that we have and buying the travel-sized version of that thing, the packable version of that thing, or quick-dry version of that thing.  So basically, it’s the same stuff as we had before but fancier, smaller, and lighter. Who knew.

Travel towels, travel pillows, travel sleep sacks, travel winter coats, travel clothesline, travel kitsch… it’s quite an industry.  For three times the cost, you can get just about anything designed to fold into a coin purse for easy packing.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  How much of this do we really need, and how much of it is unnecessary novelty for the tech-savvy traveler?  We’re doing our best to find the ‘must haves’ and leave everything else on the store shelves but it can be easy to get carried away.  Dave turned down a neck pillow, but I just couldn’t resist…

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