Change is constant..

RTW tickets out. Freedom in. This is the first of many updates that will report on the ever evolving itinerary set before us. Why? Because the itinerary just got a lot more simple. There isn’t one. In a whirlwind of emails and phone calls between myself and a major US based airline, we’ve decided to forgo the ‘ease and simplicity’ of an RTW ticket. Now opting to buy our flights the old fashioned way- one flight at a time. No rules, no mileage limits, and no real plan. This decision comes after hours spent on a mileage calculator, trying to keep our RTW flights under the 26,000 mile limit. It comes after booking the flights with the One World Alliance and only to be told 2 days later that the prices are twice what was originally quoted to us. The decision was sealed after speaking to a third person who changed all the rules on us yet again, quoted us a different price, and then told us that the ticket we wanted was not available in the US. We considered trying to buy the tickets in a different country. We thought about skipping places that were on our list in order to work our plans into the many RTW rules and regulations. It was only after spending countless hours on this brouhaha that we questioned why we were doing this. With backup from some fellow traveling bloggers we mustered the guts to do this thing on our own, and it feels good. Really good. Thankfully I never handed a credit card number over to ‘helpful’ phone attendants. I may not be able to get the hours back that I spent putting that itinerary together, but at least they don’t have us for anything else.

The RTW ticket was the first thing that drew me to this crazy idea in the first place. I remember messing around with the RTW planning calculator 7 years ago, wondering if it could ever be a reality. That said, it is strange to not be utilizing the very thing that got us started down this path. But since deciding upon this change, it really has made everything much, much easier. We’re open to meet up with friends whenever it works for their schedules, we can travel whenever we find a low cost flight, and we can come and go from place to place as we please. It’s what a trip like this was meant to be. I’m happy to have been reminded of that. And while this may change the original itinerary, it will ultimately open up more possibilities. Isn’t that the goal?

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