Start NOW.

The ending of this passage marks the run to the finish line for us- no looking back now! I feel like the biggest leap is now behind us and from here on is where the real preparation begins to bloom on this site- from packing to purchasing and booking.. we are on the brink of it all. To think that we might actually have real information to post on this blog—after all this time—is incredibly exciting.

The last few weeks have been exhausting and anxiety ridden, to say the least. I could not have anticipated how hard it would be to downsize this drastically. I underestimated the sheer scope of this work and I regret not starting earlier (and keep in mind that we have another 6 months!). For anyone considering a trip like this, my advice is to start early, start NOW. Pack up a box or two, get rid of the stuff that’s sitting in your garage. You don’t need it. Sell it now and be done with it. Even if you aren’t planning to leave this year, it’s never too early start this process.

I can’t imagine what it would have been like had we decided to move out right before our trip. Our multi-tiered approach was the best decision we’ve made yet.

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