The Road to Moving Out

I was lucky to wake up with a mild hangover on Saturday– it was on purpose.  I needed it. While wishing it had been slightly stronger, I’m not going to complain. This was an event I had been nervous to approach and a moderate headache paired with a dose of lethargy was only appropriate.

We are $168 richer, and have three very large, nearly empty bookshelves strewn throughout the house. We are one step closer to clearing out our home and moving out. Reality is setting in. My pack rat obsession with books has been cut off from her muse.

Every day of the week, Powell’s books will purchase your used novels, textbooks, and cookbooks. As long as you are willing to part with them, the process is a healthy, almost cleansing procedure in ‘reuse and reduce’. But troadhe worst part is pulling them off the shelves, remembering the afternoons you spent lingering through the pages. Laughing about the buzzed conversations you had with friends while discussing the bad books (‘Jarhead’, anyone? Not even Powell’s would take it), or the feeling of discovering a truly amazing read (Life of Pi– a winner).  I had to keep my mind shut off or I wouldn’t have gone through with the purge.

The rest of the packing, donating and selling of our stuff can’t be nearly as hard as this was for me. So I suppose I should be happy that this part is over. Never again will I allow myself to accumulate stuff in the same fashion as I have for the last three decades. Going through your things can be agonizing, and I’m realizing why so many people hide their accumulations away in storage lockers- it’s much easier to have the habit out of sight! But I am finding that I enjoy the lighter nature of an emptier house. I vow to become more of a minimalist.


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