Bye Bye, Winter.

pdx waterfrontThe news tonight reported that spring is forecasted to come two to three weeks early this year.  Unlike the rest of the US, it seems we are lucky to have had abnormally good weather this winter.  So while the rest of the nation is drowning in record rainfall or shoveling their way out of more snow than they’ve seen in two decades, I went for a run in the sunshine.  The Portland waterfront was beautiful today– hard to believe that its February. Don’t worry– it won’t stop me from complaining about the normally terrible weather this area of the world typically experiences.  I confess that I’m a little worried about hexing the sunshine by admitting in this post that it’s here and that I am appreciating it. 

The last few weeks have been rough for me, and this website has suffered a bit of neglect as a result.  I regret to admit the dramas that have been ongoing in the confines of my cubicle have been going home with me everyday.  My writing inspiration has been quieted and I’ve been disappointed in myself for letting a professional ordeal overtake me so much.  But enough with the ambiguous dribbling.

It’s amazing what a little sunshine will do.    

I remember walking to the bus stop in October, thinking about the impending winter ahead of me.  Trying to soften the blow by considering that this might be my last winter for two years.  Hey– perhaps it might be my last winter ever! I won’t rule anything out.  I have never been skiing before, I hate going to work in the dark, I can’t stand big thick winter coats…I don’t even like ice cubes in my water.  Am I disappointed that my self-described last winter has turned out to be mild and abnormally warm?  Not in the least.  Give me a year of back to back July’s and I might forget that winter exists all together.  

I’ve tried to pull the itinerary together to create this 12 months of July Utopia I dream about.  Theoretically, it could end up working out that way.  I suppose I’ll have to wait and see.  With my luck, next year may be the year we all experience an abnormally cold 2012– but after a day like today I am promising myself that I’ll find a way through it.

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