Now, for the fun stuff

I walked over to our local travel clinic today to expand my knowledge of the medical assistance we’ll need prior to leaving on the big journey. After far too much confusion with online resources I figured an informational drop-in visit to a clinic was smart—collect the correct information right from the source. I previously assumed that this information is easy to find online.. I use the internet for just about everything in my life and depend on it to come through for me under all circumstances. But information on travel vaccines varies considerably between websites. I’ve read about needing as few as 2 vaccines and as many as 13, plus the malaria medicine that we’ll have to pick up while on the road. I’ve also read about the echelon of hard core travelers who avoid vaccines at all costs and advocate that everyone else hop on the bandwagon.

Thirteen shots sound like far too much for my tastes, but risking dreadful illness in an unknown country also sounds a bit too extreme. As with everything, I am assuming that we’ll land somewhere in the middle of these two philosophies. We’ll be receiving some additional information in the mail and will soon know what we’re in for!

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