“You guys are gonna be weird when you come home”.

That was a comment offered to us from an old friend of Dave’s. I laughed—mainly because it is so true. I am dealing with the fact that my life choices will have a direct effect on who I am and who I become. And while I’m well aware of the choices I am making, I can’t control the effect those choices will have on me. At times, I find this incredibly exciting. At other times, it’s unsettling.

Occasionally I have my doubts about this whole crazy idea. It is, as some have said, ‘extreme’. And as the person who has always done what she’s been told, anything ‘extreme’ is a big step out of my comfort zone. I don’t personally know anyone who’s done this before. I know that there are thousands of people out there traveling right now but unfortunately I don’t have any contacts. I’ve been depending on my friends to help settle my concerns—most of them say “Stacey, you HAVE to do this. You need this”. And it’s true. IF I don’t do this I will ALWAYS consider it to be the one big thing I passed up… But that doesn’t stop me from questioning my choices, worrying about what could happen or wondering if I am leaving a really great career behind that I may never be able to recover.


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