Some Days are Harder.

I read  a lot of travel blogs.  Lately, much of this time is spent looking at the actual websites—my limited web blogging abilities require that my mind be fed by the many others out there who know more than me.  I’ve pulsed through so many looking for layouts and ideas—all the while questioning why I return so often to certain sites and not to others (is it content? Is it graphics?).  I’d like to hope that one day people actually read this thing.  I want it to feel good to the eye, and hopefully be a site you return to again and again.  I promise- it will get better!


Website logistics aside,  the real reason I started this site was to carry people through the struggle of planning a monstrous adventure like this.  The actual travel blogging will be the fun part (and the planning isn’t all that bad either).  But right now—the planning can get a little frustrating.  I dream of the blog posting I’ll write the night before we head to the airport—having all the planning behind me and the world at my feet.  I’m like a kid eagerly anticipating Christmas morning—but Christmas morning doesn’t come for another year and a half.  Perhaps this is why people don’t plan this early in advance.  Trust me, I’d be much happier if it wasn’t that far away.  I’m tempted to start packing now and just take off–  If only it wasn’t for the money.  I suppose some people actually save money and budget their purchases without having any goal in mind.  Unfortunately we aren’t like that (in hindsight I certainly wish I’d been better at this).  But for now, I obsessively read other’s blogs, scrounge the travel section of my local library, and dream of that first blog posting where I get to say “off we go”. 


One good thing about having this much time:  we can spend time focusing on exactly how we want to travel.  All this time researching just gives us further opportunity to make the best of the 16 months on the road.  But for the record, I really do wish that could ditch all this planning and just take off…

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