“You guys are SO lucky!”

  I’ve been getting this a lot lately.  Almost to the point where its becoming agonizing– i’m not lucky, rich, or all that much different from the average person.  I’m simply a normal person who made a choice.  That’s it.  Which is why the reaction from my friends and acquaintances has been a little surprising.  Every time another person finds out about this trip, we go through the same shock and jaw-dropping reaction process.  Very few seem to understand how something like this is possible.  It’s brought to me a new understanding of how easy it is for us to complicate a scenario.   This trip isn’t something available to a small margin of people.  Realistically, it’s anyone’s opportunity.  I suppose what makes us lucky is that we have actually decided to go for it.  I don’t know why that choice seems to be such an impossible decision for people.  I wish it wasn’t, as there would undoubtedly be far fewer people walking around with regrets if we were better at seeing past our self made complications. 

My favorite quote currently is one by Einstein:  ”Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler”.  I suppose that’s the message i’m trying to relay here.  The choice to travel is a simple one. Stop complicating it.


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